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Nick Nicholson, BISA Director

Mr. Nicholson is a thought leader and early pioneer in the Internet development, having introduced Global Distribution System (GDS) reservation technologies to the destination resort travel industry during the 1980s. Nick went on to create a few tech firms, co-founding a venture-backed private Internet technology lab (Snowmass Technologies or SnowTech) in 1995 at Snowmass Village, Colorado. SnowTech developed the Internet eCommerce Application Service Provider (ASP) object library known as SecureX, called in today's terms a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) tech solution provider. By 2000, SnowTech partnered with Wall Street to prototype, incubate & launch several illustrious dot.coms using the SecureX library.

Today Nick serves as the Director of Business Intelligence Systems & Analytics for the City of Aspen’s Parks & Recreation Department. The BI division is responsible for managing start to finish application and technological support for Parks, Recreation and Golf operations, growth and promotions, along with research, mining and prototyping of an ever-expanding reach in Patron acquisition, well-being, programming and support. 

For over 40 years Nick has consulted on corporate technology with local governments and businesses, integrating the art of marketing with the science of automation. As an Internet technologist he has been a pioneer on the bleeding edge of discovery. But for Nick, his biggest discovery came in January of 2013 when he crossed paths with the technology of Orgasmic Meditation. As a Transformation Coach, he has since completed the OneTaste Coaching Certification and integrates his awareness of feeling, intimacy and connection with countless hours of training in, and a life-long practice of, Buddhist meditation. As the BISA Group’s Mentor and Director, Nick leads the Business Intelligence division with a focus on balancing increased revenues with enhancing the Patron experience, while building upon an ever-increasing "Wellbeing of the Whole Human" for all.

Nick currently has two direct reports: 1) an Applications Specialist responsible for owning the role of subject matter expert for the various systems utilized by the various divisions of the enterprise (data in); and 2) a Financial Analyst responsible for extracting, interpolating and reporting the dynamic data collected in the process (data out).  In addition to managing the division and mentoring these two direct reports, Nick is the steering vision for BISA, keeping an eye on emerging technologies, combined with the resulting contract licensing, software development management, and overseeing testing and implementation of those new systems that are found to fit.

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Annie Buettow, BISA Applications Specialist

Annie holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting and Economics from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. She gained significant data processing and software experience in her work as a tax accountant prior to employment with the City of Aspen. Annie initially joined the Recreation Department in a customer service role, but quickly became the point person for configuration of the department’s former software system (ActiveNet). In 2016, Annie transitioned away from the frontline and independently performed an extensive due diligence on a new point of sale system (MaxGalaxy) to determine if it better suited the department’s technological needs. Her findings supported switching systems, which launched her into her new role.

Annie Buettow is currently the BI division’s Applications Specialist, acting as the subject matter expert on the department’s point of sale system (MaxGalaxy). She manages the implementation of the system across multiple divisions, provides technical support of the system, develops new workflow processes, and facilitates user training.

Annie also maintains the hardware necessary to run the point of sale system, including but not limited to: Internet network access, point of sale computers, credit card readers, RFID scanners, receipt printers, RFID card printers, cameras, digital scheduling displays, and several public wireless access systems.

Annie is also in charge of maintaining the online database of enterprise-wide policies and procedures. This Policies & Documents (PAD) System provides a set of live and editable policies intended to guide staff to ensure we maintain best business practices. The system also displays a variety of financial reporting that can be referenced at any time.

In addition, she oversees financial processes and procedures as they relate to MaxGalaxy, ensuring accurate accounting of over $5 million in annual revenue.     

Ben Sachdeva, BISA Financial Analyst

Ben Sachdeva is the BI division's Financial Analyst for the Parks, Recreation, and Golf divisions. Ben acquired his expertise over the last decade from the public and private sectors, researching and analyzing data from Securities Firms to Energy Markets.

In his current role as a Financial Analyst, Ben mines data from our various technological systems and models the information into a useable form that directly impacts the operational decisions at each of our facilities. He compiles weekly revenue reports for Golf, Recreation, and Parks, including a comparative analysis to prior years. Ben also produces a monthly Profit & Loss Analysis, which tracks expenses against current revenues.

In addition to his regular role, Ben has taken on consulting duties for various department-wide projects such as the Organizational Analysis, the Red Brick Arts Restructure, and the Mobility Lab.